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Complus 24X7 Solutions

Performance Monitoring Software


We are providers and distributors of various online software. We have expertise of understanding the market requirement and deliver the software that our customers needs. One such software is our monitoring software, which has a very exhaustive feature lists.

List of few key benefits -

View Snapshots: Watch activities made by staff and children
Activity Monitoring: Monitor your employees/ children’s activity.
Live Sound Recording: Listen to staff member conversation in your office premises
Track Records: Maintain the Record of web-sites visited
Monitor Performance: Provides you detailed record based on performance
Block access: Block & Restrict websites & email IDs.
Unauthorized Words alert: Get SMS whenever an unauthorized word is used.
Anti-Hacking tool: Remove threats and Digital Evidence.
Alerts: E mail as well as SMS alerts.

Monitoring software being such a powerful tool, is still priced very economically at Rs. 2500/- per annum for entry level product.

Do contact us if in case of you need multiple users access to get price benefit.

Let's start monitoring, its important to know what is happening around in your absence.